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Sarah LeClere grew from my efforts to mark my children birthdays with invitations that reflected each child individual personality by creating one – of –a kind original images. My daughter’s love for elephants after a trip to Africa inspired her “Birthday on Zambezi”, complete with hand - painted elephant invitations, homemade cakes and party favors. Summer visits to the beach inspired a “Pool Shark Party” for my son. Each event became a celebration to remember and handmade invitations were framed to mark the passing years. Since family has been the ultimate inspiration for my work, it only seemed fitting to name my company after my grandmother for whom I was named. She was a southern lady in every way, beautiful, fun, strong, and warm. I loved her dearly and use her name to honor the memory of “Gran” – the “ most popular girl” in Tunica County, Mississippi in the 1920’s. I am continually grateful for the enthusiasm expressed for my work by friends and family. My hope is that my invitations will inspire you and will become treasured reminders of life’s best moments. Sincerely, Sarah Elizabeth Connolly